• All of our Childminder Systems have been crash tested—based on evaluation of a "sled" test. This test simulates frontal crash forces and infant/toddler size, stimulating the forces at +30 mph.
  • It is a matter of personal preference. Activation setup is different, however the technology and functionality is the same.
  • The ChildMinder Systems use two methods to prevent inadvertent parent-child separation while the child is in their safety seat within an automobile.
    Audio Reminder The ChildMinder Systems are engineered to create an audio alert in the event of an unintended parent-child separation while the child is in an automobile within their CRS/Safety Seat.
    Visual Reminder The colorful, toy-like Key Fob serves as a constant reminder of the child's presence for the secondary caregiver. The primary caregiver is unlikely to ever become distracted and forget the child, just as the secondary caregiver is unlikely to become distracted and forget to go to their office. In fact, once the parent or caregiver has purchased one of our ChildMinder Systems, they are unlikely to ever require the audio reminder.
  • Our business is children's safety—we employ only the highest quality materials for safety. Silicon Labs is the manufacturer of the ChildMinder Systems' transceivers. There are two types of radiation: Non-harmful or safe non-ionizing radiation Potentially harmful ionizing radiation Transmission frequencies between 433.05-434.79 MHz are rated as being non-ionizing safe radiation. Our devices transmit at a frequency of RF 433.125 MHz RF 433.125 MHz is a safe non-ionizing radiation as opposed to unsafe ionizing radiation To put this into perspective, the baby monitor that sits 50+ feet away from a child on the other side of the room generates more non-harmful ionizing radiation for the child than our devices. Furthermore, RF 433.125 MHz generates far less non-harmful non-ionizing radiation to your child than your mobile phone, WiFi, or your automobile's radio when used in a car.